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Hey there, I'm Alex: a random creature from the internet. Born mid-90s, quickly realized birds are pretty cool and ended up living among some adorable feathered creatures.

I dabble in various art, mainly 3D and 2D digital stuff. My tools of the trade are Clip Studio Paint, Medibang, Procreate, Blender and Zbrush. Interested in commissioning me? Feel free to check my prices over here. My recent artwork can be found on my art Twitter.

I'm also a virtual pet collector, my collection can be viewed over here.

Please refrain from hitting me up with 'hi' or 'what's up?' or asking a lot of questions about myself. It feels awkward and makes me uncomfortable. If you (for some goddamn reason) want to be friends with me: follow my social media, interact with me there, that kind of stuff. Build it up SLOWLY. Do not force it through private messages, m'kay? I do not like it, it's weird and feels creepy. And I'm way too asocial for that kind of interaction in the first place.

There are few ways to contact me!

Discord: finchnoise#5702

Or just use the form below...

Work in progress lol

Just message me we can figure something out I promise

Im too busy to actually set this up sorry

Commission examples and prices

Here you can find some examples of my work, if you're interested in something that isn't listed message me and we will figure it out! More examples of my art can be found here

I accept payments via PayPal, Revolut or Stripe!

Be sure to read my TOS before ordering!

Be sure to click the images to see the full view!

Icon portrait

Price range: USD 20.00 - 25.00

Base price USD 20, 25 if the design is more complicated. Simple abstract background included. Simple cell-shading included. Fully lined. Slightly more detailed background (nonabstract, some sort of forest, etc) included in a higher price.

Watercolor sketch

Price range: USD 10.00 - 15.00

A colored, sketchy headshot of any character.
+5 USD for a piece below the character's neck.
The background is always abstract.


Price range: USD 30.00 - 60.00

Price depends on character and scene complexity.
Fully lined and shaded, simple abstract background included for free, more detailed background +$10-$15.
Soft or cellshading
Another character +half of the base character price.

Reference Sheet

Price range: USD 40.00 - 100.00

Can make both SFW and NSFW versions at additional cost.
Details, markings dummy at additional cost.
Base price depends on character complexity and amount of poses.
No shadows to show all character colors and markings correctly but can be added at commissioner's wish.


  1. The client automatically agrees to the following Terms of Service by sending the artist the money.

  2. All present prices are subject to increase or decrease based on the complexity of the character(s) involved.

  3. Payments are accepted via Paypal only, preferably using United States dollars. Please do not convert money to my currency! It saves me a lot of hassle later.

  4. If the client cancels the commission while the artwork passed the concept sketch, I will keep the amount of money equivalent to the time I've spent on the commission and the client will have to cover possible Paypal fees.

  5. If you see something that's not present in an example, we can figure out something special! I'm trying to be as flexible as possible when it comes to client wishes. (e.g. Twitch emotes, messy uncolored sketches)

  6. I have the right to refuse a commission to anyone for any reason.

  7. I'm open to all kinds of stuff, NSFW art isn't a problem for me. If you need examples of such artwork let me know.

  8. If you need more examples of my work, I'm happy to share them.

  9. I prefer not to work without a visual reference sheet. Language is a huge barrier to me and I'm not risking getting stuff wrong than being forced to fix it up multiple times. Sorry for that!

  10. A client takes responsibility for all mistakes the artist could make caused by the client providing wrong references or incorrect commission details.

  11. If you do a PayPal refund for any reason when your commission was finished you'll be blocked and I will refuse to work with you again.

  12. After the sketch has been approved, no major edits or changes will be made. If the commissioner requests additional edits after the approved sketch, a price for the edits may be discussed.

  13. If I, the artist, make any errors in the character design, accessories, or any other visual elements specified in the provided visual references, I will make these edits at no additional cost.

  14. I don't send .psd (or other formats with layer information) files of your commission. I can send a version of the artwork with a transparent background if you need it.

  15. Completion of most commissions is generally estimated to take no more than 3 weeks. If for any reason I cannot complete a commission within 90 days of order, I will issue a full refund.

  16. Commissions are done in the order that I receive payment for.

Done reading and still interested?

Gaming and stuff

Switch: 2365-2340-5533
PSN: Kesstrl
Xbox: Kesstrl